Catching Up with CES. . .

With the launch of Florida Educational Services (FES), which is now providing top-notch KWU training to the South Florida Region, we are experiencing the benefits of cooperation between it, CES in the Carolinas Region and CHATT in Northern California-Hawaii, too.  Instructors Bill Kennedy (CES), Kathy Oakes (CES), Jared Rutherford (FES), Scott Taylor (CES),  Kent Temple (CES) and Zach Younger (CHATT) are taking advantage of the synergy between their respective training programs to teach in regions outside their own.  For CES Founder, Holly Prescott, the expansion is a dream come true and the sharing of instructors between the participating regions is exactly what she had envisioned.  You can expect to see more instructors from outside your region in the future.

When Holly Prescott taught Train the Presenter in Atlanta in early 2017, she first caught the attention of Andy and Lesley Peters, whose classes The 33 Touch Workshop and Think Big:  MREA and Beyond made a splash this summer in the Carolinas.  Peter Chatel, who is The ONE Thing certified, has been scheduled to teach a few The ONE Thing classes

James Farren - Head Shot - 17-07-10
J. Farren

and James Farren is leading classes in his area of expertise, MREA:  Business Planning.  To say that the Carolinas are benefitting greatly from these instructors’ contributions, is an understatement.

Christy Walker - Headshot - 17-07-10

CES is growing with another instructor, also.  Welcome Christy Walker from the Lake Norman – Cornelius Market Center, where she is a top producer.  In addition to being an expert in the luxury home segment, her specialty is listings.  So be on the lookout for her to teach Win with Sellers in your market center soon.

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