Welcome to CES IGNITE! We are excited to provide this valuable training to KW Market Centers.

Classes will run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9AM to 11AM (EST). In addition to the IGNITE Sessions of Spark and Elemental, CES will be providing two additional classes – Command 101. These classes will take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month of IGNITE. (Refer to IGNITE Calendars for specific dates.)

ZOOM Registration Links will be sent to each participating market center along with current IGNITE calendar and flyers. Agents will need to register for the class with their Market Center Name and MC Number – once they have registered, they will receive the ZOOM link for the IGNITE Session. (ZOOM link will be good for the entire 3 week session.) *Registration is also available thru our website, under the IGNITE Tab.

Market Centers are also invited to stream the IGNITE Sessions into their training rooms. We can provide you with a sign in sheet for attendees if they do not register thru ZOOM.

CES will not record the IGNITE classes to distribute, however – we will have the links to the recorded classes on our website for the day that the classes take place. The links will be on our website for 48 hours after each class. (You will not be permitted to download the classes from our site or copy them. These recordings are the property of CES.) Command 101 classes will also be recorded and on our website, but will be there for the entire month.

If your MC is not currently enrolled for CES IGNITE and you would like to be; please email us at ces@cesclasses.com.