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Catching Up with CES. . .

With the launch of Florida Educational Services (FES), which is now providing top-notch KWU training to the South Florida Region, we are experiencing the benefits of cooperation between it, CES in the Carolinas Region and CHATT in Northern California-Hawaii, too.  Instructors Bill Kennedy (CES), Kathy Oakes (CES), Jared Rutherford (FES), Scott Taylor (CES),  Kent Temple (CES) and Zach Younger (CHATT) are taking advantage of the synergy between their respective training programs to teach in regions outside their own.  For CES Founder, Holly Prescott, the expansion is a dream come true and the sharing of instructors between the participating regions is exactly what she had envisioned.  You can expect to see more instructors from outside your region in the future.

When Holly Prescott taught Train the Presenter in Atlanta in early 2017, she first caught the attention of Andy and Lesley Peters, whose classes The 33 Touch Workshop and Think Big:  MREA and Beyond made a splash this summer in the Carolinas.  Peter Chatel, who is The ONE Thing certified, has been scheduled to teach a few The ONE Thing classes

James Farren - Head Shot - 17-07-10

J. Farren

and James Farren is leading classes in his area of expertise, MREA:  Business Planning.  To say that the Carolinas are benefitting greatly from these instructors’ contributions, is an understatement.

Christy Walker - Headshot - 17-07-10

CES is growing with another instructor, also.  Welcome Christy Walker from the Lake Norman – Cornelius Market Center, where she is a top producer.  In addition to being an expert in the luxury home segment, her specialty is listings.  So be on the lookout for her to teach Win with Sellers in your market center soon.


CES Welcomes New Teaching Talent for 2017

kathy-oakes-headshotBetween being a MAPS Leadership Coach, leading her own team in Johnson City, Tennessee (Oakes Real Estate Team), and being a wife, mom, grandmother and mentor, Kathy Oakes still finds the time to enrich teams with her ALC Planning Workshop and Succeeding Through Leaders staff retreat.  Having already lead a couple here in the Carolinas Region so far this year we are overjoyed, although not surprised, that participants gave her rave reviews and can’t wait for her to come back.  When you’re looking for that extra “something” that can take your team to the next level, be sure to book Kathy Oakes for your ALC and staff retreats.

When CES owner, KWU Master Faculty member and instructor, Holly Prescott, is out and about teaching Train the Presenter, she’s always sharing success stories from the Carolinas Region.  What a gift it is when she attracts talent like Andy and Lesley Peters from Atlanta to teach for CES.  Having effectively used the KWU systems to build a thriving business, this husband and wife dynamic duo make a difference wherever they teach.  While they are passionate about Win with Sellers and MREA:  The 24 Topics, they also developed a couple courses of their own, two half-day classes called The 33 Touch Workshop and Think Big:  MREA and Beyond.

We are thrilled to be offering classes lead by Kathy, Andy and Lesley and welcome them to the CES teaching team!


CES Welcomes Instructor, Patt Miller!

Patt Miller - Head Shot - 17-03-13 copyCES is proud to welcome Patt Miller to the teaching team!  Like many Keller Williams agents, Patt Miller began his work life outside the real estate industry.  After achieving the World Champion Pizza Spinner title 4 times, he sold the 3 pizzerias he owned in Ohio, packed his bags and moved to Charleston where he purchased his first home.  When he started flipping homes, he fell in love with real estate and joined Keller Williams.  Patt will tell you first-hand how BOLD transformed his mindset.  In his first year he went from zero to 30 transactions after taking BOLD.  The next year he doubled that, with 70% of those being listings, and has grown his business every year since.

Because listings are such an important part of his business, Patt specializes in daily prospecting of expired listings and FSBO along with circle prospecting.  What drives him to teach is his passion for sharing with others the principles and strategies that made such a difference for him.

Former Rookie of the Year, ALC member, Technology Ambassador and now BOLD coach, Patt Miller inspires others to really get excited about their business.  We at CES are thrilled to have Patt join us.  To start, he will teach Win with Sellers and The Six Personal Perspectives, with plans to add some others.  When he comes to teach in your market center, be sure to welcome him to the CES team!

Congratulations, Roger Nix!

KW1382_Staff1_f4aWebJust when we thought that 2016 couldn’t get any better, another CES instructor achieves KWU Approved Trainer status.  Congratulations, Roger Nix!

In 2016, Roger really put himself out in the region teaching classes with one of his goals being to reach this milestone.  The outstanding reviews he got from his students are one result of his gift for teaching. Here are just a few of the great things his students have said:

“Roger brings his real world experience and down-to-earth approach to this class.”

“Outstanding, real, motivating!”

“Numerous breakthroughs with our agents.  A recruit joined because of this great class and believable instructor!”

When you see him teaching in your Market Center be sure to compliment him on a job well done.  Great job, Roger!  We are so proud of your achievement and that you are an instructor on the CES team.

Congratulations, Scott Taylor!

scott-taylor-cropped-16-11-18CES is very proud to announce that another one of our talented instructors has achieved KWU Approved Trainer status.  According to Dawn Wood, KWU Faculty and Program Manger, Scott Taylor is the 109th KWU Approved Trainer in the company.  Considering there are approximately 150,000 KW agents, that is a pretty big deal.

In addition to receiving outstanding reviews from his class participants, outside the classroom Scott goes above and beyond to support fellow instructors in a pinch.  Truly, we cannot say enough good things about him.  The next time you see Scott Taylor in your market center be sure to give him a high-five for this outstanding accomplishment.