Course List

ALC Planning Workshop

Customer Experience

eEdge Boot Camp 1

eEdge Boot Camp 2

Four Masterminds, Four Meals

Google Heaven

Grow Your Profit Share Tree (half-day)

Internet Lead Generation

Intro to Listing and Selling Luxury Homes (half-day)

Lead Generate Like a Millionaire

Leadership Unlocked

Leverage: Building Your Top Talent Team (Formerly Business Planning for Teams)

MREA: Business Planning Clinic

MREA: The 24 Topics

Mega Listing Success/Unique Value Proposition/Certified Pre-owned

MegaTeam Building Foundation I

MegaTeam Building II

The ONE Thing

Presentation is Everything

Safety by Choice, Not by Chance (half-day)

Selling New Construction and Knowing a House Floorplans to Finishes (2 half-days)

SHIFT: 24 Topics

The Six Personal Perspectives

Succeeding Through Leaders (Staff Retreat)

The 33 Touch Workshop and Think Big: MREA & Beyond (2 half-days)

Train the Presenter (2 days)

Win-Win Negotiations (half-day)

Win with Buyers

Win with Sellers