Business Planning

  • “Best class I have ever taken.”
  • “Great course, engaging instructor, beneficial material, great workbook to move forward in my business with.”
  • “Mark [Brenneman] always does an amazing job – never a dull minute – even with numbers.
  • “Lots of “ah-has” and moments of clarity”
  • “Life and bank account changing. . .!”

Your Business Is Your Database

  • “An exceptional day full of great ideas, expanded knowledge and many action items.”
  • “Tammi (Juengst) is a wonderful lively enthusiastic speaker and I always enjoy coming to listen to her.”
  • “I knew this was powerful, I’m definitely believing it now!”
  • “Tammi (Juengst) is amazing! I learned so much, and I can’t wait to implement it!”

Scripts and Objection Handlers

  • “The best training I have had since joining KW in Oct. So helpful to have two live instructors role playing and modeling.”
  • “They are real! Best class I have taken yet at KW.  Great presenters!
  • “I appreciated that this class had a fun dynamic, role play after each section and allowed for scripts that seemed more natural.”
  • “Trenton and Shelia definitely have the heart of teachers. Awesome class, cannot say enough – just take this class.”

Internet Lead Generation

  • “Great class, great instructor – very valuable – look forward to getting up and running with it”

Lead Generate Like a Millionaire – Joseph Klosik

  • “Joseph made the content clear and simple. I was able to refresh some scripts as well as learn some new scripts. Great class! Effective use of time.”
  • “This is probably the most practically valuable class I have ever taken. Thanks!”

SHIFT:  The 24 Topics

  • “Enjoyed this class and the mindset it gives to show that a little effort and work is all it takes to survive in any market.  Focus on the basics.”
  • “This class helped put a lot of things in my business in perspective.  Perfect timing for this class; lots of valuable info.”
  • “Best class since I joined KW.  Excellent and broad coverage of topics.  Pam [Temple] is great.”
  • “It was very valuable information for me, as a salesperson just entering the business.  Will help immensely.”
  • “I really liked the class.  As a newer agent, I’ve been getting pulled into the weeds.  This course re-focused my time to lead generation.”

The Six Personal Perspectives

  • “The Six Personal Perspectives class jump started my ability to take myself as a real estate agent seriously. It starts off with having you write out your big WHY, and it really challenged me to identify it. I also set a goal for the income that I would generate in my first year of business, which put instant clarity into how I should run my business. As a freshly licensed real estate agent, this was so huge!” –Suzette Andrews
  • “Great class to introduce & reinforce KW beliefs & systems. I  learned many new things and was reminded of many things that I need to do consistently.”
  • “Loved it!  Extremely empowering – how to put it all into ACTION and hold myself accountable!”
  • “Awesome and perfect timing of this material for my career.  I need this course routinely!”

Win With Buyers

  • “Molly [de Mattos] was AMAZING! She brought great energy and knowledge to the class. I truly enjoyed her as an instructor & would attend any other class she teaches.”
  • “Phenomenal class! A lot of great ideas. Follow up is key for leads and post close.”
  • “The instructor (Blake Ginther) share a lot of valuable information that we can implement in our presentations.  Overall, he was very knowledgeable and entertaining! Loved every minute of it!”
  • “Josh (Burnett) is great!  Engaging and Knowledgeable.”

Win With Sellers

  • “Great presentation.  Whether you are starting out or seasoned, you can take away new tools!”
  • “Concise, relevant and to the point. Time well spent in class and reasonably easy to implement into my business model.”