Quantum Leap for Young Adults

Quantum Leap for Young Adults is a 1 day Power packed course designed for young entrepreneurs.  Through QL, students are empowered to achieve whatever they want in life. Many QL graduates go on to start their own businesses, some pursue higher education in light of their new goals, and others leave eager to focus on achieving their professional goals.  QL is based on Gary Keller’s life lessons, productivity, and documents stories of success and failure while building the largest Real Estate Company in the world, Keller Williams Realty.  Through this course, students learn key concepts:

-Shifting Your Mindset

-Developing Powerful Habits

-Increasing Productivity

-Building Wealth

QL for Young Adults is powered by KWKC.org, Keller’s 501(c)3 educational non-profit. This organization was founded with the belief that the cultivation of “growth mindset” needs to begin in life as early as possible.  It leverages the incredible success of Keller Williams Realty by bringing the company’s strength of education and training to the next generation of World leaders.  More information about QL for Young Adults can be found by visiting www.KWKC.org.