CES Adds Convenience For Market Centers

Several months ago, our team was evaluating ways that we could make our processes more convenient for our clients.  One of the things we examined was our most frequently asked questions, which were:

  1. Market centers and instructors asked, “When are my classes?”
  2. Everyone asked, “What’s the class location?”
  3. Market centers asked, “Can you send me class materials?”

Rather than having our team be the gateway for information, we began to seek ways we could open the gates.  We then asked ourselves, “How can we use our website to allow access to answers to these questions at any time without us?”

The first thing we did was put the CES calendar online.  Now, everyone can view the classes we have booked as sorted by date, market center, class title and instructor along with class times and locations.

The next thing we had to do was put the materials online.  Up until now, whenever partner market centers needed materials they had to wait for a CES representative to respond with an email containing as many as 8 attached documents.  While it was a massive undertaking (the geek in me actually found this project fun), I’ve finally created class pages with links for all class materials that the market centers can click to download.  Our partner market centers can now access their class materials whenever they need them at any time of the day.

We are proud to say that we are advancing technologically!  It’s all part of our goal to improve customer service for our partners so they can host great classes in their market centers.  Here’s to your success!

Published by Chrissy

Child of God, dog-mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and Austin area REALTOR, I am blessed beyond measure.

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