Congratulations, Roger Nix!

KW1382_Staff1_f4aWebJust when we thought that 2016 couldn’t get any better, another CES instructor achieves KWU Approved Trainer status.  Congratulations, Roger Nix!

In 2016, Roger really put himself out in the region teaching classes with one of his goals being to reach this milestone.  The outstanding reviews he got from his students are one result of his gift for teaching. Here are just a few of the great things his students have said:

“Roger brings his real world experience and down-to-earth approach to this class.”

“Outstanding, real, motivating!”

“Numerous breakthroughs with our agents.  A recruit joined because of this great class and believable instructor!”

When you see him teaching in your Market Center be sure to compliment him on a job well done.  Great job, Roger!  We are so proud of your achievement and that you are an instructor on the CES team.

CES Adds Convenience For Market Centers

Several months ago, our team was evaluating ways that we could make our processes more convenient for our clients.  One of the things we examined was our most frequently asked questions, which were:

  1. Market centers and instructors asked, “When are my classes?”
  2. Everyone asked, “What’s the class location?”
  3. Market centers asked, “Can you send me class materials?”

Rather than having our team be the gateway for information, we began to seek ways we could open the gates.  We then asked ourselves, “How can we use our website to allow access to answers to these questions at any time without us?”

The first thing we did was put the CES calendar online.  Now, everyone can view the classes we have booked as sorted by date, market center, class title and instructor along with class times and locations.

The next thing we had to do was put the materials online.  Up until now, whenever partner market centers needed materials they had to wait for a CES representative to respond with an email containing as many as 8 attached documents.  While it was a massive undertaking (the geek in me actually found this project fun), I’ve finally created class pages with links for all class materials that the market centers can click to download.  Our partner market centers can now access their class materials whenever they need them at any time of the day.

We are proud to say that we are advancing technologically!  It’s all part of our goal to improve customer service for our partners so they can host great classes in their market centers.  Here’s to your success!

Meet Janeece Swainey – CES New Instructor

Janeece blonde short headshotMeet Janeece Swainey!! She is one of our new instructors. Janeece is currently OP for Fort Mill Market Center and is interim Team Leader for KW South Park.While Janeece holds degrees in Special Education and she taught all disciplines and age groups for 15 years, she has been able to meld her passion of the real estate profession and teaching to make a very exciting career. She believes that Education is a major key to success in the real estate business and when combined with a strong desire to achieve and a great work ethic the possibilities are endless. She has spent many years helping agents grow their businesses with fantastic results and is here now, to work with us to grow this company. Her energy and passion is evident in everything she does.

From 1996-2006 she was with The Home Source Realtors in Peachtree City, GA as Executive Vice President where she ran both the General Brokerage and New Homes Divisions. While there she was awarded The National Association of Homebuilders Platinum Award for her staff selling 180 Million Dollars’ worth of new construction homes. (#1 in the Atlanta Area)

Rowena Patton’s New Classes

One of our awesome Trainers, Rowena Patton, has 3 new CES Courses! RowenaHeadshot1

Do you need to up your Google game? How about a MegaTeam, is that on your bucket list? Check our calendar and check in with your Carolina Market Center to see when they will be adding these classes!

Google Heaven

For agents who want to build their own listing storyboard, use google docs to the full, understand what google owns and how it all links together. Leverage all the basic hard work you do out into the universe…..
Creating the documents, presentations, drawings etc in the google drive
leveraging what you have created
How all the google docs talk to each other
Create a blogger blog

MegaTeam Building Foundation I

For agents who want to build a team and those who already have one. Also for individual agents who want to figure out which part of real estate suits them

Part I of two days, must be taken before II
DISC – are you in your JOY ZONE?
Your UVP (you can take this 10 times over….)
What’s your vision?
Your career so far – the clues
Your career vision / future life

MegaTeam Building II – on a firm foundation

For agents who want to build a team and those who already have one. Also for individual agents who want to figure out which part of real estate suits them

Part II of two days, must have taken I first
MREA model for building a team
Ups and downs
Rowena Patton shares her 6 year experience in two mega teams and now in expansion
Expansion teams

Rowena has other CES Courses as well. Check them all out here.

Congratulations to Tammi Juengst!! The new KW BOLD coach!

Photo-Tammi Juengst

You may recognize this gal! She’s now the newest Keller Williams BOLD coach! Tammi Juengst is a very talented coach with CES and very loved by her students. Some of her testimonials say, “Tammi was great!”, “Awesome instructor”, “Fantastic instructor”, “Exceptional!”, so it is no surprise that she is ready for the next step! Tammi will still be faculty and training with CES. Please help us congratulate Tammi!!