Tammi Juengst

Tammi began her career as a single mom with no financial support from anyone. Failure wasn’t an option. She likes to say “I am a student and poster child for Keller Williams and education. I didn’t have the option of being creative, I had to learn how to build a real estate business the RIGHT way and quickly. I had two boys counting on me.”

Tammi hired an assistant and was named Rookie of the Year her first year. She continued growing both herself and her team. In 2009, her new husband Bruce joined her and helped to continue growing their business.

As part of being on the Agent Leadership Council, Tammi began teaching classes to agents in the office. What she found was a deep passion for helping others grow and challenging them to perform at the highest level. That passion caused her form a path toward the coaching & educational journey.

Tammi is a Keller Williams MAPS BOLD coach, is a KWU International Master Faculty, is co-coach of the database mastery program Never Ending Referrals, is a Keller Williams University Approved Trainer, was trained by Gary Keller to deliver “Quantum Leap: A World Changer Mindset” to youth and is also the owner of Carolinas Educational Services (CES) with her husband Bruce.
She is fully committed to guiding agents through their own transformations…….empowering them with techniques to work smarter & not harder, helping them to remove limiting beliefs and build lives truly worth living. She believes that the SKY IS THE LIMIT and WHAT THE MIND CAN CONCEIVE, IT CAN ACHIEVE.

Classes Offered: