Joseph Klosik

When entering the real estate sales industry in 2001, Joseph wanted to align himself with people who are learning based. The clear choice for that path was Keller Williams Realty. Joseph was a buyer’s agent for a top producer before working as a solo agent selling real estate in Atlanta and then in Charleston, SC. In 2005, he moved to Ormond Beach, FL to take on more leadership and served as the Team Leader. Joseph realized that education and personal development were becoming the foundation of his belief system. In 2007 Joseph returned to Charleston, SC as a Team Leader in the city that he loved.

In 2010 Joseph joined his wife, Lynne, in her sales business where he works as the listing specialist and CFO for their team. With a passion for sharing the systems and tools created by Keller Williams for agents to grow their business, Joseph’s goal is to travel and teach the foundational models that have taken so many agents to their highest potential. “Going back into sales with Lynne opened up a tremendous opportunity to build a business that would provide abundantly for our family, while allowing us to truly do life together. There are endless opportunities in this business and I hope to share how to take advantage of them with as many people as possible.”