Paul Jamison

Paul Jamison has had a passion for real estate since he was small. His mother always said that he came inside the house after a long day outside with half the real estate in the neighborhood stained on his clothes. So now you know that is how it got into his DNA.paul-jamison-updated-head-shot-11-1

With twenty-seven years of advertising agency experience and thirty-four since he bought his first investment property, Paul has grown a thriving real estate practice with his main focus in the Carolinas. He has used his years of advertising experience to help his clients learn, sell, and evaluate the creative side of the real estate market where connecting to the buyers and sellers through a proven method of delivery brings strong success. Paul’s team typically is in the top tier of his market center and consistently generates over $1M in GCI. His management team handles hundreds of properties and the investment practice continues to serve clients looking to diversify into rental real estate.

Paul is also host of the weekly radio show Your Real Estate Today. He has done so for 12 years and broadcasts live Saturday at 2pm. The focus is to share information on market trends and shed light on the positive news and growth our country has to offer. It’s a live call-in format, so people call with questions for him and his special guests. You can also listen to Paul on the application by pulling up his shows on the WBT link.

Paul currently owns a portfolio of residential, commercial, and vacation properties that he and his team manage. The Jamison family of companies includes Jamison Realty, Jamison Property Management, and Jamison Property Investments. He and Kerry, his wife of twenty-nine years, have three sons and four grandchildren.

Classes Offered:

Working with or Becoming A Real Estate Investor and a great understanding of Property Management (1/2 day)