Leverage: Building Your Top Talent Team

The instructors for this course are: Kent Temple and Chris Hurley

No matter where your team is today, there is always room to grow and increase profitability.  In this course, we will compare the numbers from the MREA book to the numbers from the new research for the future MREA2 book for all four models of the business plan, so we can answer these key questions:  Does your economic model allow for growth? Does your lead generation model support your growth? Does your budget model meet your personal income goals?  With this established, we can now dive into the organizational model and how to find, train, motivate and retain the talent to create the business you need and to fund the life of abundance you deserve.

Please note, this class is intended for the “Rainmaker” or “Team Leader” of the team only.  It is recommended that you do not bring anyone from your administrative team, or any of the agents on your team, because that may limit some of the in-class conversations  regarding responsibilities, wages and splits.  The one exception would be if you have a true CEO of your business whom you do not mind knowing everything about your business past, present and future.

It is strongly encouraged that you send each of your agents to the first half of the standard Business Planning class.   Just after lunch they will have their Economic Model, their Lead Generation Model, and the beginnings of their 411 to review with you.