Time Blocking 101 with Josh Burnett – Tomorrow, 4/20!

Join Josh Burnett tomorrow, Thursday, April 20th at 1PM (EST) for Time Blocking 101!

Does 24 hours not seem like enough to get it all done?
How do top producers and mega agents do it all? We all have the same
amount of time, it’s how we use that time that determines what we

This introduction to time blocking will walk you through exactly how to
structure your days, weeks, months and year to accomplish all you need to
get done. Whether you’re dual career, dealing with children, juggling the home
life, having a structured and consistent schedule is key to managing it all.

We Will Cover:

What Should Be On Your Calendar
Tools and Tech To Use To Manage Your Calendar
How to Plan Your Day and Week
How to Factor in Down Time, Family Time, and Vacations

Check with your market center for registration information or you can register through our website; https://carolinaseducationalservices.com/ces-digital-services-platform-class-registrations-2023/