Profitability: Agent Financials – Tomorrow on the CES Digital Platform

Profitability: Agent Financials with Katie Prendergast on Thursday, March 23rd @ 2PM!

Congratulations, you are now a Business Owner in the eyes of the IRS. You get all the tax benefits of any major corporation IF set up and ran correctly. If not, you will miss out on major tax advantages, possibly pay too much to the IRS, and can face steep penalties and interest. Become a master in Profitability. And keep more of what you make.

If you said Yes to any of the following questions, then this class is for you!

Do you know the latest tax rules for business owners?

Do you have separate accounts for your business, tax and personal?

Do you know that Presentation Expenses are 100% deductible and meals are only 50%?

Do you follow a standard chart of accounts and track them monthly?Do you feel that you pay too much in taxes?

What you will learn and began to put in place immediately to keep more of your money:

Set up your business to protect your money

Separate your accounts the way the IRS expects any business owner to do

Build your support team (Accountant, Financial Planner, Attorney, Insurance Agent

Should you incorporate (LLC, S- Corp, C -Corp)

Simple and cost-effective tools for tracking your numbers daily

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*Digital classes open to participating MCs. If you MC name is not in the registration drop down, they do not participate at this time.