Win with Sellers – Monday on the CES Digital Platform

Next week on the CES Digital Platform! Join us for Win with Sellers with Kyle Evans on Monday, December 5th at 12PM.

The course takes you through the Seven-Step Seller Service Cycle, emphasizing the models, systems and techniques proven by top agents.

Maximize the models that will propel your listing business forward and provide a sturdy foundation for growth. Fill your pipeline with leads and appointments by learning prequalification, conversion, prelisting, and other techniques that create clients for life. Learn how to identify areas for growth of your seller business and how to improve constantly over time. Get into the habit of tracking your numbers so you can monitor your business growth and set goals. Learn the top seller objections, master scripts top agents use to handle them, and learn how to eliminate them altogether. Create clients for life by providing an excellent customer experience, for your sellers and the buyers you meet while servicing your sellers.

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