This Week on The CES Digital Platform

This week on the CES Digital Platform, don’t miss Tech Tuesday with Monica Perry on Tuesday, May 3rd from 2PM to 3PM (EST). Monica will breakdown any new updates or roll outs on KW Tech and answer any questions other tech questions you have.

Then join us on Thursday, May 5th for Win Win Negotiations with Terry Story, class starts at 1PM (EST). Associates negotiate every day with sellers, buyers, co-op agents, vendors … the list goes on.  Discover the underlying principles of win-win negotiations that get deals done.

  • Prepare with goals and strategies and know when to say no.
  • Learn the tactics used in negotiating, when to use them, and how to counter when used on you.
  • See how personalities of all parties play a key role in finding a compromise and reaching win-win outcomes.

Check with your MC for registration details or you can register through our website;

See you there!