How to Deal with Annoying People! Wednesday on the CES Digital Platform

Tomorrow on the CES Digital Platform; How to Deal with Annoying People with Cynthia Matheny! Have you ever wondered why you get along so well with some people and others drive you nuts? If so… this course is for you!

Learn how to deal with those annoying people base on four foundational pillars of success…

*How perspective plays a role in how you perceive others and how they perceive you.

*Utilize personality concepts to become more aware of how you are naturally wired and how this benefits you as well as holds you back.

*Understand how to realign expectations of yourself and others to maximize your effectiveness in every relationship.

*Sharpen communication skills and learn how to utilize the art of asking powerful questions to achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

Transform your business, become a more effective leader, maximize your relationships & live life with inner peace and less stress!

Check with your MC for registration details or register thru our website;