Wealth Building The Real Estate Way Coming to the CES Digital Platform

Coming Thursday, December 9th to CES Digital – Wealth Building the Real Estate Way with Chris Barnette! Class starts at 9AM!

This class will offer multiple strategies for acquiring, owning, and disposing of residential property as an investment tool. Starting with the simple step of owning a home, this class will demonstrate the dramatic effect that investing in real property can have on one’s net worth, cash flow, and lifestyle. This course is targeted, not only on agent wealth-building strategies, but also, to the agent whose goal it is to assist their clients in building their personal portfolios and diversifying their investments. From house hacking to syndication, agents will find a strategy that meets their needs.

Make sure to register and save your spot for this informative class! Check with your MC for registration details or register thru our website; https://carolinaseducationalservices.com/ces-digital-services-platform-class-registrations-2021/