The Art of Influence Selling with Style is coming to the CES Digital Platform

Coming next week to the CES Digital Platform – Cynthia Matheny with The Art of Influence Selling with Style (DISC). Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from Cynthia! Class is on Wednesday, December 8th at 12NOON (EST) – grab your lunch and join in!

3 simple steps to converting more appointments and closing more deals!
The Art of Influence Selling With Style, is a revolutionary sales course, focused on winning clients through an understanding of how you, AND they, are naturally wired. People make buying decisions differently, and your natural way of selling may not match their natural way of buying.
Attend this course and learn to:
Understand the foundations of DISC
Adapt your approach
Overcome their objections
Get the agreement signed
Close the deal
Make more money!
Top performing salespeople are transforming their ability to connect with their clients, close more deals and create more revenue by implementing these simple, yet powerful strategies.

Check with your MC for registration details or register thru our website;