36 Touch Coming to CES Digital

Tomorrow (11/4) on the CES Digital Platform – 36 Touch Workshop with Lesley & Andy Peters! Class starts at 12 Noon – grab your lunch and join us!

Harnessing real-life lessons learned by following Gary Keller’s Millionaire Real Estate Agent models and systems, Lesley and Andy will walk you through the mindset and actions needed to construct and maintain a compelling 36 Touch Marketing Plan. This class will get you out of your chair and into production as you create your very own marketing plan. The Peters Company sold 215 homes in 2020 which represented $98 million in sales volume. Lesley and Andy firmly believe their success is a result of treating everyone like their only one through a dynamic service first marketing plan.

Check with your MC for registration details or register thru our website; https://carolinaseducationalservices.com/ces-digital…/