Real Estate Agent Safety – “Let’s Be Careful Out There” on the CES Digital Platform

Safety is something that everyone needs to be aware of. Join Terry Rogers on the CES Digital Platform for Real Estate Agent Safety “Let’s Be Careful Out There” on Tuesday, June 8th – class starts at 1PM.

This is a fun yet very serious thought-provoking discussion class about real estate agent safety and the development of a situational awareness mindset.

Some of the topics for discussion include personal safety protocols to include meeting of new clients, showing of homes, safety while conducting open houses, office safety protocols, and types of safety equipment. 

This class also includes a short self defense video when fighting back is the only option remaining for the agent.


  • Show examples of types of safety equipment every agent should have on hand.  
  • Consider and discuss what your own office has in place for an agent safety policy.  
  • Discuss entry into unoccupied listings and how to handle property damage that is discovered and/or home squatters.  
  • Demonstrate and discuss the four self defense options IE…. Flee, Passive resistance, Verbal assertiveness and Fight back.  
  • Discuss how to safely deal with a law enforcement response to an active shooter situation.
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of  having a conceal to carry permit and the possibility of collateral damage should a firearm be used by the agent
  • Discuss North Carolina laws on use of force

Overall the main objective of the class is to get the agent, Safe at Home!