May IGNITE Launches May 3rd!

CES is launching IGNITE on May 3rd at 9AM! Check with your MC for registration details or register thru our website; **Please fill in your Market Center Name – not just KW Elite, KW Select, etc. Also make sure you know your Market Center number.

For new agents, agents new to KW, and any agent looking to build their business. 

The Ignite 2.0 Lab has a single objective: to propel agents into immediate productivity. The course contains a wealth of foundational real estate content, enhanced by productivity-based exercises, an online tracking system, practical job aids, and powerful scripts.

The Ignite 2.0 Lab runs three weeks and consists of two sections — Spark, which is designed to get an agent their first appointment, and Elementals, with the goal of leading agents to a closed contract. 

  • Grow your book of business
  • Get appointments
  • Adopt success habits