Hello Keller Williams Family,

At CES, the safety of our KW Family is a responsibility we take very seriously, and with the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation being top of mind around the world, we feel it is important to reach out to you and provide you with an update.

Like you, CES is closely monitoring all information related to COVID-19 from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and government officials. As we navigate this situation one day at a time, we want to assure you that we are here to partner with you in keeping agents connected, not focusing on fear and doing the best possible activities to come through this in a good place.  During this time of social distancing and containing the virus, we will be rescheduling classes OR holding them virtually (if YOU would like it and the instructor can do it….we do have some instructors that already have a studio type set-up in their home).  In a digital world, at least we have the option.  However, we know that nothing can replace experiential learning, and as such, we will reschedule ANY class during this time.  In addition, we are looking to bring value to our associates so they stay plugged in and positive.  We will be sending short videos that you can share, some live Zoom Mastermind sessions as well as other topics that are relevant.  I have set up a studio at home so I can hold short sessions via Zoom that can be both ‘live’ and shared afterward.  I was talking with Kent Temple this morning about possibilities  and would love to gather your input as well.  Please share your ideas, as we are here to serve you and your agents!  

We will continue to share new information with you as we get it.  As always, we value you and appreciate your trust!  

In gratitude,

Tammi & Jen