The numbers are in!!! Cary has won the attendance contest for most attendees with a whopping 303 and Fayetteville has won for must number of guests with 33!!!  Way to go Bill and Peter.  Both Market Centers will receive an extra class this year.  Kudos also to Asheville who were right behind Cary with 302 attendees and Myrtle Beach who finished third with 263.  Raleigh finished second in number of guests with 26 and Cary, third, with 21.

The goal of CES is to bring KWU training classes inside the MC to make it easier and more convenient for our agents to get the training and skill development they need.  Our next goal is to give the Market Centers the opportunity to open its doors to agents from other companies and those prospective agents are considering a career in real estate.  In 2013 we had a total of 3537 attendees.  This is up from 1877 in 2012.  You also hosted a total of 169 guests last year!!!!!  Will be contacting all of my wonderful TL’s to determine how many of those have now actually become part of the KW family.

Thanks again to all of you for your support in 2013.  We are already off to a great start in 2014!!!  CES goal for the year is 4000 attendees and 250 guests.  We hope to be contacting all of you throughout the year to help fill your classroom.  Please let Melissa and I know if there is anything we can do to help promote the classes.

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