CES is excited to welcome Melissa Wells to our team!!!

Melissa Wells is joining CES to assist in the exciting growth and increasing administrative needs of the company.   Beginning April 1, Melissa will be your new “go to” person for the manuals, class scheduling, and general questions regarding your classes. Liz will still be involved in the expansion efforts of CES and will be working with Melissa to keep our back office running as smoothly as possible for all of you.

Melissa is KW all the way.  She joined Keller Williams as a licensed realtor in 2005, moved into the front desk position for the KW Brevard office in 2006, became BIC six months later, and then served as MCA for the Brevard MC from 2007-2010.  With Brevard now a Business Center, she has continued to serve as BIC and office manager for the 20+ agents currently working there.  I can’t tell you how fortunate we are to have someone so familiar with the KWU curriculum and website for training purposes.  She will also be able to contact you directly on a regular basis to insure you have what you need for a GREAT class and remind you of things we need to keep the program running, (ie. your course selections, your sign in sheets).  So get ready for Melissa to become your “newest best friend” and I am confident that the impact from CES will be even greater for our Market Centers in the coming months.

Melissa is married with two children, Johnathon age 16 and Jordan age 11. She enjoys scuba diving, rock climbing, and loves her two lab mix puppies.  Whew, I have a feeling CES will be a piece of cake for this talented, busy woman.

Once again, Liz and I are very grateful to have her on the team and I know you will all welcome her warmly as she begins her regular communication with you on April 1.  Of course remember that Liz and I are still there to help you although we are confident that before long you will be turning to Melissa VERY soon as we know that what she is doing for us is truly her GIFT ZONE.

We are looking forward to 2013 being our BEST yet!!!!


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