Molly de Mattos

Photo-Molly-Head ShotAfter joining Keller Williams in February of 2007, Molly immediately fell in love with education.  She began teaching classes in and around the Asheville Market Center as soon as she was certified.

After a few years of learning more about real estate herself, Molly decided  to focus solely on buyer business.  This focus on buyers is what led to her partnering up with Matt Tavener in July of 2011 to form The Matt & Molly Team.  Since the team began, they have built a Mega team that closes over 300 transactions per year and Molly has trained her Buyer’s Agents in the exact proven systems she teaches.

Along with being a KWU Approved Trainer, Molly is also a MAPS BOLD coach.  Success through systems is something Molly has a passion for and that energy lights up the classroom and guarantees an outstanding learning environment!

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