Materials – Scripts and Objection Handlers

Below are the documents needed for Scripts and Objection Handlers.  Click the links to download them.  Here you will find:

  1.  Your Countdown to Success – read this first.
  2. Instructor needs:  White Board/markers and a screen projector.  The Instructors will bring their laptop.
  3. Student Manual – please print one for each student.
  4. Class Flyer – be sure to edit the date, time, location and RSVP information.
  5. Class Promo Video – include this in your Facebook Events, email to registrants or website to promote the class coming to your market center;
  6. CES Sign In Sheet – please have your agents and guests sign in.  Email this form to after the class.
  7.  CES Evaluation; or download the paper version here.