Materials – Quantum Leap for Young Adults

Below are the documents needed for Quantum Leap for Young Adults.  Click the links to download them.  Here you will find:

  1. Your Countdown for Success
  2. Quantum Leap for Young Adults Flyer:  Download the one for your instructor and edit the date, RSVP and location info.
    • Quantum Leap for Young Adults Flyer – Lorenza Boone
    • Quantum Leap for Young Adults Flyer – Michael Horwitz
  3. QL: “A World-Changer Mindset” Workbook  Make one copy of each for every student; double-sided works best.
    • NOTE:  Check the KWU website for the option to have the student manual for this class printed and bound by Office Depot and delivered straight to your market center.  The rates for the manuals may be more affordable than printing locally however, be sure to order them well in advance of the class to ensure timely delivery.
  4. CES Class Sign In Sheet:   email to after the class
  5. CES Evaluation; or download the paper version here. If using the paper  version send to after class.