Materials – 15 Laws Of Invaluable Growth

Below are the documents needed for 15 Laws Of Invaluable Growth.  Click the links to download them. Students are also encouraged to read the book 15 Laws Of Invaluable Growth, you can click here to download it.  Here you will find:

  1.  Your Countdown for Success
  2. Student Workbook – Download and Print one for each student.
  3. Class Flyer – Be sure to edit the date, RSVP and location info.                                 Flyer – 15 Laws Of Invaluable Growth – Maggie LeBlanc                             Flyer – 15 Laws Of Invaluable Growth – Nadine Wynn
  4. CES Sign In Sheet – Send to immediately following the class. Indicate who your guests are.
  5. CES Evaluation; or download the paper version here. If using the paper  version send to after class.