Leading and Managing Teams

Why, how, and what it takes to build a high-performance organization.

This course is for anyone who leads a team, is a team member, or who has the desire to grow an effective team. This applies for all levels, from 2 person teams, all the way up the organizational levels to the C-suite and to the roles in society. When people function together, great things happen; when there is discord, chaos reigns supreme. The goal of this course is to provide an overview of what a high-performance team looks like and give you the tools to get there with your team.

We will discuss leadership and management, how and when they apply, and what it looks like to be good at both. We will dive into team formation, setting the foundation, putting the right people in place, and then take an in-depth look at some of the moving parts of groups and teams so that we can truly be effective in our roles and become are part of a thriving organization. This course will address diversity and cohesiveness, accountability and conflict, relationships and communication. Using a blend of instructor led discussions, role playing, group activities, and powerful video, participants will come away with a complete understanding of the structure, formation, and operation of effective and highly performing teams; and how to be a great leader and follower in the process.

This course was developed by writer, speaker, and trainer Michael Horwitz based on his years of study and experience working with, leading and coaching groups and teams. He co-authored this course as a university professor which became a required course for all students pursuing a business degree at Nova Southeastern University. This course has received high recognition from the administration and glowing testimonials from his students.