KW Technology Workshop

All Hands on Tech Class Overview

  • Agent Interaction with KW Tech Content aimed at the consumer. (How to find tech content.)
  • Identify the basics of using the KWCommand, eEdge, or elementary database system.
  • Utilize the information capture protocol of the MyApp sharing system. – Scripts Practice and Role Play.
  • Locate and share content of the Kelle System. – Scripts and Practice and Role Play.
  • Customize the Presentations and deliver the content with consumers. – Scripts Practice and Role Play.
  • Utilize the MyMarketing tools producing hard copy content for mailers, brochures or flyers.
  • Build a powerful KWConnect profile and brand on Kelle using the Local insights.

KW Technology Workshop is a one day basic tech class suitable for agents new to the MC or industry.  Existing agents will benefit from the review of their current database system, an overview of the KWCommand opportunities and a how to engage the consumers with these tools.  This class is NOT an in depth tech class covering all aspects of the “Tech Road Show or Tech enabled Agent” MAPS courses.  With the release of full Command and other aspects of tech from KW the content will be adjusted.