IGNITE 2.0 Lab ~ Materials


For new agents, agents new to KW, and any agent looking to build their business. 

The Ignite 2.0 Lab has a single objective: to propel agents into immediate productivity. The course contains a wealth of foundational real estate content, enhanced by productivity-based exercises, an online tracking system, practical job aids, and powerful scripts.

The Ignite 2.0 Lab runs four weeks and consists of two sections — Spark, which is designed to get an agent their first appointment, and Elementals, with the goal of leading agents to a closed contract. 

  • Grow your book of business
  • Get appointments
  • Adopt success habits

Materials for Download:

Session 1:

Fuel Your Career / Prospecting

Session 2:

Lead Generate Is The Core Of Your Business / Marketing

Session 3:

Powerful Language Gets Results / Open Houses

Session 4:

Your Database Is Your Business / Seller Appointments

Session 5:

Set Goals That Matter / Buyer Consultations

Session 6:

Deliver Your Value Propositions / Make and Receive Offers

Session 7:

Find and Win The Buyer / Negotiate The Deal

Session 8:

Find Seller Leads / Financial Basics

Session 9:

Contract To Close / A Day In The Life of An Agent

Session 10 – Market Center Specific: (CES will not run this class – these are for the MCs)

Spark 10 / Elementals 10 – Market Center Specific