IGNITE 2.0 Lab ~ Materials


**ALL of the materials that you will need for IGNITE are here on this page. Scroll to the bottom for the link to the IGNITE Tool Kit and Google Tracking Form.

For new agents, agents new to KW, and any agent looking to build their business. 

The Ignite 2.0 Lab has a single objective: to propel agents into immediate productivity. The course contains a wealth of foundational real estate content, enhanced by productivity-based exercises, an online tracking system, practical job aids, and powerful scripts.

The Ignite 2.0 Lab runs three weeks and consists of two sections — Spark, which is designed to get an agent their first appointment, and Elementals, with the goal of leading agents to a closed contract. 

  • Grow your book of business
  • Get appointments
  • Adopt success habits

*Click Here for Welcome To CES IGNITE Information Sheet


Materials for Download/Print: (Spark / Elemental) Materials are linked below – click on the class name. (There are no materials for the Command sessions. You will need your Command Log In and dual screens would be helpful but not necessary.) All materials are printable.

Session 1:

Fuel Your Career / Prospecting

Session 2:

Lead Generation Is The Core Of Your Business / Marketing

Session 3:

Powerful Language Gets Results / Open Houses

Session 4:

Your Database Is Your Business / Seller Appointments

Session 5:

Set Goals That Matter / Buyer Consultations

Session 6:

Deliver Your Value Proposition / Make and Receive Offers

Session 7:

Find and Win The Buyer / Negotiate The Deal

Session 8:

Find Seller Leads / Financial Basics

Session 9:

A Day In The Life of An Agent / Contract To Close

Session 10 – Market Center Specific: (CES will not run this class – these are for the MCs)

Spark 10 / Elementals 10 – Market Center Specific


Print these info sheets for the Thursday Command classes with Monica. Refer to the IGNITE Calendar for the Command dates each month.

Day 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18SQl2TXBi7uO8NCOcwWqZpPniWfJTr_CsiIOmsW88cE/edit?usp=sharing

Day 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ryC-VvtlokwYL6hjOLZPfR0qKxqz6VWsX3qUqKz4ynk/edit?usp=sharing

IGNITE TOOL KIT – Click here for the IGNITE Tool Kit downloads. (This is where the script books are located.)

IGNITE Tracking – Link below for the Google Tracking Form. This is where you will record your numbers for each class date – not a running total. If your name does not appear in the drop down – please email ces@cesclasses.com to have your name added. (Please make sure you are not on there before you email.) You will need to click the link below every time you enter numbers – DO NOT leave this open on your computer – it is a LIVE form.

The goal of this tracking form is to track your progress while taking IGNITE. Please enter your information on the dates listed on the form. (Example (s): Monday, 1/10 and Tuesday, 1/11, numbers would be reported on Wednesday, 1/12, etc., Wednesday 1/12, Thursday, 1/13 would be reported on Friday, 1/14, etc.) Please do not enter numbers more than once per reporting day.

(Tracking Categories: Number of Contacts Made, Number of People Added to Database, Previews, Handwritten Notes, Appointments, Agreements, Pendings, and Closings) 

This is the link for the Google Form for tracking; https://forms.gle/ArcXAbsQwZC3hGRj9