Materials – Train the Presenter

  1. PRE-CLASS MATERIALS – 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO CLASS.  This is the first of two manuals for Train the Presenter. Please make arrangements to talk with Holly to decide whether you will be printing this pre-work for the students or passing on to the students to print.  Either way, ideally the pre-work attachment needs to be printed for the students 2 weeks prior to the class.
    • Train the Presenter – Email to send to participants:  Edit the fields in RED, email it to the participants on behalf of the instructor and attach the pre-work document.
    • Train the Presenter – Student Packet Pre-Work:  Make one copy for each participant 2 weeks prior to your class.  For students outside your market center, email this Student Packet pre-work PDF to them with instructions to print and bring it with them to class.  Be sure to have extra copies of this available for Day 1 for those who don’t bring one to class.
  2. IN-CLASS MATERIALS – Limited to 20 Participants.
  3. Promotional Videos:  Feel free to link or embed the video for your instructor into your website, social media, event pages, newsletters, etc. to promote your class
  4. CES Course Evaluation:  Send to after day 2.
  5. CES Class Roster:  Send to each day.