Materials – The ONE Thing

There are no in-class materials for students that you’ll need to print for your upcoming class, The ONE Thing.  The links below are for the other documents you’ll need for the class and its promotion.  While it’s not required that all students have the book The ONE Thing it is strongly encouraged; the instructor will spend a lot of time referencing it like a textbook.  In fact, the market center may like to have some copies of the book on hand for students to purchase if they want.

  1. Your Countdown for Success
  2. Books can be ordered from In order to receive books on time, order at least 7 business days in advance of your class.
  3. The ONE Thing Class Flier:  Download the one for your instructor and edit the date, RSVP and location info.
  4. Promotional Videos:  Feel free to use these videos to promote your class by embedding in your event page, social media, newsletters, etc.:
  5. CES Class Roster:  Send to after class.
  6. CES Course Evaluation:  Send to after class.