Materials – Leverage: Building Your Top Talent Team

Below are the promotional flyer, pre-class worksheet for you to share with your agents and other documents you’ll need for the Business Planning class. To get the most benefit, the participants need to gather this information about their business to bring with them to the class.  Remember also that this class is for team owners and CEOs only.

In class, Kent Temple will need the following for set-up:

  1. Flip chart or white board
  2. Markers (please make sure they are “fresh”)
  3. A laptop or computer attached to a projector or screen (Kent will bring the PowerPoint on a flash drive).

Below are the tools to help you promote the class and maximize your participation (click the links to download).

  1. Your Countdown for Success
  2. Edit with your class location address and RSVP info.
  3. Leverage: Building Your Top Talent Team -STUDENT MANUAL :  Provide a copy for each participant
  4. CES Class Sign In Sheet :  Send to immediately following the class. Indicate who your guests are.