Materials – ALC Planning with Kathy Oakes

Below is a note from Kathy with instructions for the retreat.  If you’d like to print a copy, click here:

Dear Fearless Leader,

Thank you for allowing me to come and lead your Market Center’s ALC Advance.

Here are a few things to know and prepare in advance:

  1. Please have paper bags or gift bags for each person with each person’s name written in marker on the front. (This is going to be their name tag for me to know them by)
  2. Please buy fuzzy socks for each person and have in their bag. Each person attending the retreat should have a pair as it is part of an exercise.
  3. You can put other items in the bag like a book you want to study or any goody items.
  4. Print for each attendee
    1. Retreat Agenda
    2. ALC Quiz
    3. Top 12 Things That ALCs Don’t Do
    4. Your ALC Covenant for 2020 *Also provide a copy to Kathy*
  5. If your Market Center has a wall calendar for 2020, please bring it
  6. Bring a flip chart with sticky note backside along with fat markers in multiple colors
  7. Answer these questions (by e-mailing
    1. What’s the main objective you’d like me to accomplish through this retreat?
    2. Is there anything you want Kathy to know about the group attending?
    3. Who is the contact/point person for any questions Kathy has as she travels and prepares (especially during the 24 hours before the retreat)?