Culture (1/2 day) and ALC (1/2 day)


This is a half day class that is designed to anchor your agents in the foundations of our culture. Taking the Pillars of Culture that Mo Anderson famously shared at Family Reunion 2019 and breaking them down to how they flesh out in Market Center life. With so much growth it is easy for agents to miss key foundations like the HOW and the WHY we operate our personal businesses the way we do. This course will impart to agents what sets them apart from other agents in their board and also how to create an even stronger Value Proposition for their own businesses as a result. All ALC members should attend this class.


The ALC 1/2 Day Retreat is a great add on to the Culture 1/2 Day Class. This afternoon session is designed to be dig deep into creating Purposeful,and Productive Businesses for the ALC members as well as the Market Center. This is a half day focus on their tools they have to empower them as leaders in the Market Center. The Market Center leadership can offer the Instructor input as to the ‘holes’ that need to be focused on so that each Market Center gets the exact focus needed to grow their team stronger. No matter the time of the year this is a value add to your ALC leadership and an investment in them.