Mega Listings UVP

Instructor for this course: Rowena Patton

In this class Rowena will take you through her best-selling book Find Your Unique Value Proposition.
 Contents include:
  • What is a Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?

  • The Test for a UVP

  • Why it is critical to have a UVP

  • Allstar Value Propositions

  • 12 ways to determine your UVP

  • Workbooks to get your ideas into action

Go into detail on the programs below to give your listings an edge over competitors:

  • Love It or Leave It Guarantee: free (and then discounted)

  • Homes For Heroes

  • CPO: Certified Pre-Owned Program

  • Listing Storyboard

  • Walking-Tour Videos

  • “Coming Soon”

  • Radio and Broadcast

  • Priority Buyers and Sellers

  • Sell For Free / Buy New

  • Land Sales

  • Lease Option

  • Estate Planning

  • Divorce

  • Mike Hicks’ – The Promise