Materials – eEdge Boot Camp 1

Click on the links below to access the documents you will need for your upcoming eEdge Boot Camp 1 class and promoting it before hand.  The only item you need to print for the participants is the Database Diagram below.

  1. eEdge Bootcamp 1 CLASS NEEDS: READ THIS FIRST
  2. Your Countdown for Success:  Print for the team leader to set up for a successful class.
  3. Database Diagram:  Print one for each student.
  4. Smart Phone Evaluation Instructions for Tammi:  Print one for each student if Tammi Juengst is your instructor.
  5. Class Flier – you will need to edit the date, RSVP and location info.
  6. CES Class Sign In Sheet:  Send to after class.
  7. CES Course Evaluation:  Send to after class.