Materials – ALC Planning Clinic

Below are the documents needed for ALC Planning Clinic.  Click the links to download them.  Here you will find:

  2. Your Countdown for Success
  3. CES Class Roster:   Please send to immediately following the workshop
  4. CES Course Evaluation
  5. ALC Clinic Market Center Targets Blank:  One copy for each participant
  6. ALC Clinic Workbook-Editable 13 pgs:  Copies will be needed for each ALC member and staff participating in the Clinic. This workbook is an editable WORD document so you will need to insert the specific data for your market center using the following instructions:
    • Page 1 – Cover page, make any changes needed
    • Page 2 – Customize to thank any sponsors may be participating that day
    • Page 3 – Reasons for Creating the ALC. Review and see if there is anything that needs to be made specific to your market center.
    • Page 4 – Dogs. No changes needed
    • Page 5 – DISC Results. Customize with your ALC members’ and staff names in the far left column, and their DISC profiles. You can find a free DISC assessment at under Experiences.
    • Page 6 – If the ALC is studying a leadership book, please customize. If not, you can remove the page.
    • Page 7 – Committees. Customize with names of Chairman for your Market Center.  If Chairman not yet chosen, we will discuss at planning meeting.
    • Page 8 – Customize with your ALC members and their 2015 Profit Share and the number of recruits in their 1st Level.
    • Page 9 – No change needed
    • Page 10 – Productivity. List your ALC members in left column.  In the first column, put this year’s GCI Goal.  If Goal has not been set, it will be discussed at ALC Planning Workshop.  In the second column, put their current year GCI YTD and leave the rest blank for Holly’s workshop.
    • Page 11 – ALC Accountability.  Leave blank as goals will be set at ALC Planning Workshop.
    • Page 12 – Market Center Goals Title Page. No change needed unless you wanted to change graphic.
    • Page 13 – Market Center Targets for current year. Complete in each category with last year’s results, current YTD results, and this year’s goals that are set. List the agent mix in the lower table; # of agents in each category.