CES Digital Platform – Class Registrations – 2021

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*Please note that your Market Center MUST be participating in our program for your registration to be approved.

**IMPORTANT: When registering PLEASE make sure you are spelling your email correctly. You will not receive the confirmation email if your email is incorrect. Register with an email you check and do not register more than once for a class. Confirmation emails are automatically sent once you are approved. Approvals are done manually – so it may take time. (Approvals are faster on class days.) Emails are generated by ZOOM and come from no-reply@zoom.us not a CES email. If you do not receive an email – check your email, including SPAM folders for the above referenced email. If you have questions, please see the Registration Guide – linked below.


August 2021

Downloadable Calendar

Wednesday, August 4th from 9am – 1pm (EST)

Win With Buyers

Tuesday, August 10th from 1pm – 4pm (EST)

All Hands On Tech

Monday, August 16th from 2pm – 3pm (EST)

Tech Agent Mastermind: Mastering Video Content

Tuesday, August 17th from 9am – 2pm (EST)

Profitability: Agent Financials

Thursday, August 19th from 9am – 1pm (EST)

Customer Experience

Monday, August 23rd from 2pm – 3pm (EST)

Tech Agent Mastermind: Crafting Your Web Presence