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May 2021

Downloadable Calendar

Monday, May 17th from 2PM – 3PM (EST)

Agent Mastermind: (Cappers) Circle Prospecting & Open Houses

Tuesday, May 18th from 9AM – 10:30PM (EST)

How To Win With Keller Mortgage

Tuesday, May 25th from 2PM – 5PM (EST)

Facebook Leads In 24 Hours Or Less And How To Manage Them

JUNE 2021

Downloadable Calendar

Tuesday, June 8th from 1PM – 4:30PM (EST)

Real Estate Agent Safety – “Let’s Be Careful Out There”

Monday, June 14th from 2PM – 3PM (EST)

Tech Agent Mastermind: Opportunity

Tuesday, June 15 – Day 1 from 12Noon to 3PM

Thursday, June 17th – Day 2 from 12Noon to 3PM.

Build Your Rock Start Team – Part 1 and Part 2 (2 day class)

Monday, June 21st from 2PM – 3PM (EST)

Tech Agent Mastermind: Facebook

Tuesday, June 23rd from 12:30PM – 3PM (EST)

Prime 9: Skills of The Savvy Agent

Tuesday, June 29th from 9AM – 2PM (EST)

MREA: The 24 Topics